A Vibrant Church Committed To Christ and Our Community

We are a gathering of people who love Jesus and who want to share the good news with our community. The good news is that in Christ, God has reconciled to himself sinful humanity. To all who believe in the completed work of Jesus Christ on the cross, God grants full pardon. Before Him they stand justified and are granted Jesus' very own righteousness.

All people are welcome to join us. In worship we meet with God, seek to glorify him through prayers and singing, listen and obey the Bible, and enjoy fellowship with our friends and family.

For anyone interested in learning more about God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, we encourage attendance at our worship services, participation in the life of the church and joining a Small Group or Bible Study.

In addition to our Sunday worship services and small groups, we offer the following: boys' (Cadets) and girls' (GEMS) clubs for children in grades 3-8. Youth group for youth in grades 9-12. Catechism teaching for those in grades 7-12.

Missionaries We Support

We support two missionary families. Doug and Benita LeMahieu, who are in Papua New Guinea, keep us up to date with how they are doing with their newsletters posted below. A second family serves in Russia, but prefers their information is not shared online.